Facilitation, consulting, coaching, training

I’m a resource for people and organizations working towards

a more ecologically wise and socially just future.

About me

A weaver and facilitator of transformative leaders, organizations, movements and ideas, I am a socially-driven entrepreneur, engineer, hybrid thinker and sustainability leader with almost 20 years working in the field. I have a Masters in Social Innovation for Sustainable Development and bring 15 years of experience as a practitioner living and leading in proximity with communities facing extreme environmental degradation and economic poverty in Central America.

I am the coFounder of a UNESCO award-winning organization – SERES – where I currently serve as a Board Member and Senior Advisor.

An internationally recognized facilitator, I have worked with communities and organizations in Africa, Australia, Europe, North America and Latin America, in a variety of settings.

I bring an engineer’s love for solving problems, a pioneering spirit and an entrepreneurial mindset to everything I do, along with a deep and unwavering commitment to justice and equality for people and the Planet.

Let’s Work Together

I catalyze people and organizations towards transformative social impact, providing strategic and operational support and coaching to leaders and entrepreneurs as they identify and tackle barriers to creating change. I work through a variety of engagement modalities including short-term consultancies, longer-term projects, one-on-one coaching, facilitation and tailored training programs in English and Spanish. My approach is grounded in foundational values of authenticity, curiosity and radical collaboration and inspired by many great leaders, mentors and teachers including Otto Schwarmer, Joanna Macy, Fran Peavey and Meg Wheatley. There are many ways we can work together, including:

Facilitation and Systems Building
Leadership Training and Coaching
Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation

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“I loved this week so, so much and feel I am leaving as a more thoughtful, well-rounded, confident woman with a wonderful, beautiful team by her side.”

Participant, Women’s Leadership Retreat

“Let us not pray to be sheltered from dangers but to be fearless when facing them”

Rabindranath Tagore

“Corrina is talented in bringing out the best in people; whether individually or in groups. Passionate, visionary, dedicated, patient, all around amazing.”

Participant/Fellow, Transformative Sustainability Leadership Retreat

“Corrina is an empathetic, wise human being and great facilitator. She has a special sense for people and asking the right questions at the right time. I was also impressed by her efficiency and professionalism. Thank you for this great learning opportunity!”

Project Collaborator, Transformative Leadership Retreat

“What I’m doing isn’t a job. I’m on a quest, and a quest that is deeply in alignment with my values. A quest in which who I am informs what I do.”

Polly Higgins

“I have had the privilege of working with Corrina and of seeing how she touched so many lives in rural Guatemala. When the eruption of Fuego Volcano wreaked havoc, she worked tirelessly to provide relief to her community. Corrina is a thoughtful leader who inspires me with her steadfast dedication and integrity.”

Diana de Castro, (former) Chief Alliance Officer, Pro Mujer


Casa Maya


She’s The First

Women's Leadership Retreat

Child Aid


Move 92

Senior Consultant

Partners Asia

Research Consultant


Board Member, Senior Advisor